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Holy Spam!

I sent _one_ post to the debian-users list yesterday.  One.  I neglected
to use an alias I'd created for posting to that list, and, due to their
open posting policy and their email-usenet gateway and the availability of
addresses in the clear within the list archives, within _minutes_, I
started receiving viruses, spam and other crap.  My mail logs since
yesterday show a _ton_ of crap coming at me now!  Unbelievable!

This open list policy that so many lists have, while it _may_, and I'm
placing a lot of faith and emphasis on the 'may', offer the occasional
newbie or (individual who couldn't be bothered to subscribe multiple
addresses) the ability to post[1], that, coupled with gatewaying to news,
I feel is just plain irresponsible.  It's a _very_ poorly thought out
policy that I feel does more to harm the list community that help
(particularly the list gateway to news).

I understand their is a passion and an almost a cult-like religion to keep
things completely open, free, unencumbered, unfettered, etc, however,
_controls_, not restrictions, are neccessary to ensure the integrity of
the list environment.  Users don't want spam, and they do want their
service providers to take reasonable, not intrusive, but reasonable
measures to reduce or eliminate their exposure to the spam industry.

I've been forced to change my email address, thanks to the debian mailing
list.  Is this a positive result of the desire for openness?


[1] Once the message is posted, how does said newbie receive replies if
those helping just reply to the list.  The whole policy makes _no_ sense

Jon Earle

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Vegetarian - an old Indian word meaning 'lousy hunter'.

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