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sound woes with kernel 2.6.0 and 865 chipset

I'm running kernel 2.6.0-test4 on my Abit IS7 mobo (Intel 865 chipset).
I'm trying to get ALSA sound working, and I'm having a devil of a time
of it.

I have ALSA sound enabled in my kernel.  Abit (and also Realtek, who
make the integrated AC650 sound chip) offers an AC'97 codec module to be
downloaded and installed.  But I can't get the thing to compile; I get
complaints about missing modversions.h.  I can't run 'make dep' to make
modversions.h now; I just get a message saying 'make dep' is deprecated.

OTOH, some of my applications do make sound.  E.g. I can get some test
sounds out of KDE.  But most of the time I get no sound, and my syslog
is filled with error messages about 'module soundcore not found' --
though lsmod shows me it's already inserted in the kernel.

All of this is deeply confusing.  I don't understand sound very well
anyway, and this isn't helping.  If anyone who has this same hardware
and kernel could tell me how they got their sound working, I'd be


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