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Re: Holy Spam!

Jon Earle wrote:

> I sent _one_ post to the debian-users list yesterday.  One.  I neglected
> to use an alias I'd created for posting to that list, and, due to their
> open posting policy and their email-usenet gateway and the availability of
> addresses in the clear within the list archives, within _minutes_, I
> started receiving viruses, spam and other crap.  My mail logs since
> yesterday show a _ton_ of crap coming at me now!  Unbelievable!

I've been posting to this list with addresses that have been harvested
since the dawn of spam (one dates from 1994, the other from 1996). I
willfully insist on receiving mail to both addresses over two modem
connections (one of them a mere 33.6K) and uucp is also rumoured to be

I've survived the spam and viruses so far. The open nature of the
Debian mailing lists is a feature, not a bug, and is well worth

Frank Copeland
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