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Re: installation via network

#include <hallo.h>
* maurizio gatto [Mon, Aug 04 2003, 10:55:22AM]:
> 4) when program modconf runs, i tried to conigure pCMCIA support, choosing 
> controller i82365, and giving no further option to kernel. But i guess that 
> here i failed because i got from PC firstly a high sound and then a low 
> sound.

It means that cardmgr started and tried to load a driver for the
detected card but failed. For details, look on other console screen
(Alt-F3, Alt-F4).

> 5) Afterwards i attepted to configure the device driver module for my card 
> (which should be axnet_cs) but unfortunatly i didn't find it in the list.

You should not, cardmgr manages it for you.


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