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installation via network

i'm a recent debian GNU/linux user and i'm getting problems in installing a 
debian distro via network on  a laptop Penthium 1 120Mhz 32Mb ram with no cd 
rom on it. I got for it a EP-427x 16 bit 100/10M Ethernet PCMCIA Adapter and 
started install following the instruction i found in the section 
"installation via network" of www.debian.org.

  This is what I've done:
1)dowload of floppy disk images (rescue.bin and root.bin) from another pc 
connected to internet
2) creation of this two disks by command: dd if=file of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024 
conv=sync ; sync
3)boot from these two disks on the laptop
4) when program modconf runs, i tried to conigure pCMCIA support, choosing 
controller i82365, and giving no further option to kernel. But i guess that 
here i failed because i got from PC firstly a high sound and then a low 
5) Afterwards i attepted to configure the device driver module for my card 
(which should be axnet_cs) but unfortunatly i didn't find it in the list.

Then i decided to install a complete system by floppies so that i could 
restart the pc and look calmly for a solution. I dowloaded 4 driver.bin and 
20 base.bin diskettes and istalled them all.
then i started modconf again and i found axnet_cs driver in the list
I istalled it (modprobe axnet_cs), but the result didn't change.

if i give ifconfig, i just read a lo, but no eth0
on the /var/log/messages file i read:
"no PCI interrupt routing table" and
"no socket drivers loaded"

What can i do?
Could anybody help me?

thanks in advnce
Maurizio Gatto

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