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Re: Please help, network card does not work after kernel upgrade (though it gets detected by kernel)

Hamid said:
> Is there anyone who can help me with my netwotk problem.
> I am on a DHCP network and after fisrt installation of Woody it was
> working perfectly (it automatically set all the settings)
> But after upgrading to new kernel 2.4.20, it does not work anymore. I
> have compiled my network card into kernel and as you can see from the
> output of dmesg, it gets detected by the kernel but I don't know why it
> does not work, i.e. I do not have any connection to outside world. Help ,
> Pleaaaaaaase .

you try running /sbin/pump -i eth0

manually ?

did you set the options needed in the kernel for DHCP ? I think its
CONFIG_FILTER and CONFIG_PACKET (though don't take my word for it
try searching google). though in my experience pump can operate
without these options.


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