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Re: telnet vs ssh [WAS: Re: Dropping telnetd and rsh* for security reasons?]

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Paul Johnson wrote:

> [snip]  If you can't make putty and
> ssh work for you, you probably need to find an environment more
> condusive to computing.  I'm not ruling out switching jobs/schools
> with such an environment change (at least when the economy produces
> some jobs to move to): If they're anal enough not to let you do what
> you need to do to get the job done, it's probably not a good place to
> work and/or you may be able to quit and claim hostile employment.

Frankly, this attitude drives me crazy. I *like* my job. I have no
interest in quitting. And nobody's refused to "let me do what I need to do
to get the job done." For the record, that would be you -- suggesting that
telnetd not be available, since at the moment that's what I need to get
the job done.

I'm looking for an OS that lets me make the decisions, call the shots, and
do what I want and need to do -- certainly not one that tells me to adjust
what I need to do to match the ideological positions of its proponents.
That OS is debian linux, absent the high-and-mighty "if you can't do it my
way, quit your job" silliness.


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