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Re: telnet vs ssh [WAS: Re: Dropping telnetd and rsh* for security reasons?]

Andrew Perrin said on Fri, May 16, 2003 at 07:36:18AM -0400:
> to get the job done." For the record, that would be you -- suggesting that
> telnetd not be available, since at the moment that's what I need to get
> the job done.
Technically, this isn't true, since ssh would also allow you to get your job
done, from what I can tell from your posts.  So, really, telnet is merely what
you want, as opposed to what you need.  Still, it is nice to get what one

> I'm looking for an OS that lets me make the decisions, call the shots, and
> do what I want and need to do -- certainly not one that tells me to adjust
> what I need to do to match the ideological positions of its proponents.
> That OS is debian linux, absent the high-and-mighty "if you can't do it my
> way, quit your job" silliness.

I think that part of the problem is that by using telnet and telnetd, you've
made yourself more of a threat to other networks (since you're not protecting
your passwords and accounts, in theory, someone can obtain your password, and
use you account to attack someone else, possibly me and my networks).

That's probably why Baloo is so angry: dealing with script kiddies coming from
networks who's admins said "oh, well, telnet is convienent, and it'll be okay"
gets tiresome.


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