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Re: make-kpkg

On Fri, 16 May 2003 00:11:54 -0400
Michael Mueller <mmueller@ss7box.com> wrote:

> I took that same approach - at first.  The sourceforge doc mentions initrd
> as added difficulty that can be avoided but does not detail how to
> actually do the avoiding.  I figured it out, but my head is bruised.  The
> --initrd flag looks promising.  I did look at man make-kpkg today -
> briefly - and that option didn't jump out at me I'm sorry to admit. 
> I'll check the cramfs option too.

Here's an excerpt from section 4.1 of the newbiedoc, which explains exactly
how to do the avoiding:

"You can avoid the need to worry about initrd by ensuring that you compile
directly into the kernel (not as modules) support for your boot hardware and
root filesystem. If the hard drive you boot from is IDE, compile IDE support
into the kernel. If your root filesystem is Reiserfs be sure Reiserfs
support is built not as modules but directly into the kernel."


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