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Re: CPU recommendations *avoid Intel-Shite*

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 11:14:23AM +1200, Haralambos Geortgilakis wrote:

> A couple of days back, I did some research, since a good geek friend
> of mine, was upgrading to nforce2 & I was concerned about Tuxian
> support.  At the OS & drive level, Nvidia have released binary/closed
> source drivers for the onboard sound & lan gear, which seems easy
> enough to install, judging by the instructions.... But I dunno, cause
> I do not have such a beastie. Anyone who runs such a kit & has been
> following this thread, may like to comment on this-please?

Runs just fine.  I have two systems (SN41G2 from Shuttle) here based on
the nforce2 chipset and ethernet and audio work just fine.  You don't
have to use nVidia's driver for audio as the intel8x0 alsa driver works
fine (at least on my systems).

Jamin W. Collins

This is the typical unix way of doing things: you string together lots
of very specific tools to accomplish larger tasks. -- Vineet Kumar

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