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Re: CPU recommendations *ATI drivers for XFree86 4.3* *avoid Intel-Shite*

hi ya Greek Geek

On Sun, 4 May 2003, Haralambos Geortgilakis wrote:


> >all video drivers seem to suffer the same fate
> >	- nvidia gforce/quadro4, ati firegl-2, etc seem to not 
> >	run on latest greatest gcc/xfree-4.3  since those *.o they provide
> >	is for prior versions
> >
> >just depends on which distro and which version of x11 and which kernel
> >and which gcc
> >	- need for the graphics drivers folks to release *.c so we
> >	can compile/link it properly .. otherwise those video cards
> >	are useless at least, its latest/greatest features cant be used
> >
> Actually, there are ATI binary drivers for XFree86 4.3, just here....
> http://www.schneider-digital.de/html/body_download_ati.html#8x00
thanx.. yup.. i see the 4.3 drivers .. will download it on monday
and test it on the hardware 
	coool ... another 3-point for open source

	and another demerit for ati since they dont have 4.3 drivers
	for their firegl-2 on their site yet 

c ya

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