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Re: CPU recommendations *avoid Intel-Shite*

Hi All & Paul,

who offered the following flamebait...


Paul Johnson wrote:
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On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 10:44:26AM -0400, alex wrote:
Could someone offer recommendations for a motherboard and 1.5 to 2 Ghz 
CPU that perform well with Debian?   Cost is a consideration.
Long term?  Intel will provide.  Lower power consumption and cooling
requirements.  Amd is cheaper if you constantly upgrade, but they run
really hot and I have to water cool mine because Oregon gets too hot
in the summer for the default heat sink without overclocking, and it
just gets worse the faster you make it go.

Also, the default kernels for most distributions (including Debian)
are compiled for i386, unless you tune for your CPU specifically, it
will run marginally faster on real Intel hardware than AMD knockoffs,
and are easier (and thus less expensive) to cool.  Intel CPUs also
overclock farther from my experience, if you're interested in that.

Plus if you're conscientious about putting people back to work, nearly
all Intel hardware is made in Beaverton or Hillsboro, Oregon, and
Intel pays family wages at the entry level.  So unless you hate
Oregonians or prefer paying out unemployment and food stamps, Intel's
the morally right choice.  8:o)

My next system will be Intel instead of AMD, most likely with an Intel
mobo, too.  AMD locking out the multiplier is the last straw with them
for me.  I'll pay the extra cash to get *real* hardware.

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Hmmm, odd Paul, you normally offer more considered responses on this list, with better correspondence to reality; speaking of which.

You have never read any nForce2 reviews?

Just plug in your AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred  cpu & adjust FSB & Multiplier to your needs, within the usual physical limits.

You can get unlocking kits too, yes, they are a pain. But hey, AMD are trying to make a profit!

The case with *Intelshite* (TM), is not so straight forward, motherboards  with there "lock-in" tactics. Incompatibilities between different Intel cpu's & motherboard chipsets, are numerous..

Intel "business ethics" suck & that is no small reason why I dislike them. Google for articles on this & get informed about the real world. If you still want to support them, well that is up to you & your conscience.

As for cost comparison, um, this is too obvious to debate (google for prices please & come back informed *please*). But if you think the earth is flat, well, that is up to you.

At which point, I guess you will say, "but Intel is more reliable & ergo cheaper in the long run, for a greater initial layout?"  (says I speculating)

Again, google for Intel errors/erratum & Pentium fpu bugs & spare me & the list the BS that Intel is superior. But if you think the earth is flat, well, that is up to you. The 1 gig PIII recall, is my fave.

Also, if it is hot in Oregon, then ANY hardware will run hot????

As for the stuff about kernels, um, why are you trying to deceive? Desperate? You can apt-get K7 optimized kernels & other distors have K7 optimized kernels also & even Opteron Optimized kernels now.

As for conscientious, um, why do *some* Americans think they are the only country on the planet???? Besides, with recent "American" (with all due respect to the few brave souls who are speaking out against American neo-imperialism, right wing politics & economics. Paul, you might like to watch the movie "Roger & Me?"), arrogance in completely ignoring the majority of the planets countries & peoples & invading & occupying Iraq in violation of the UN, I am more inclined to support AMD's European based manufacturing. Go FAB 30 in Germany!

If you guys thought 'nam was bad, this has only just started....

Conscientious? According to whose conscience, you may ask? If you do not, congratulations on being ego & ethnocentric. What follows hubris?

Oh, even the most rabid Intel fanboys acknowledge, that the only reason Intel kit is as "cheap & fast" as it is, is because there is AMD in the market. But if you think the earth is flat, well, that is up to you.

As for my next system, well, Opteron Of Course  :-)

No one is buying Itanic (Itanium (SP?)) based kit, but Opteron demand is high; so nah, na, nah, nah, nah Intel!!!!! ;-)

And with that, I am off to the movies.

Happy geeking all & of course, nothing personal Paul  :-)

Just to be real clear, I am disputing the claims you make for Intel hardware, I am not saying you or America is "bad."


Greek Geek  :-)

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