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Re: CPU recommendations *avoid Intel-Shite*

Hi Yall & Paul,

who typed,


I'm starting to discourage people from buying nVidia cards as well,
especially considering ATI's cards lately have been pretty awesome and
ATI doesn't dick the community.

I might consider nVidia in the future, but until nVidia buys a clue,
they can suck it.

Just plug in your AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred&nbsp; cpu &amp; adjust FSB &amp;
Multiplier to your needs, within the usual physical limits.<br>

Adjusting the multiplier does not work on locked AMD's.  My issue with
AMD is the same as that with nVidia:  They're dicking with thier
customers.  Unless AMD gets a clue, they too can suck it.

You can get unlocking kits too, yes, they are a pain. But hey, AMD are trying
to make a profit!<br>

Intel manages to do so without abusing thier customers.  AMD can do
the same.  Intel also is active in the Linux community, which is more
than can be said for nVidia or AMD.

The case with *Intelshite* (TM), is not so straight forward, motherboards&nbsp;
with there "lock-in" tactics. Incompatibilities between different Intel cpu's
&amp; motherboard chipsets, are numerous.. <br>

Nice strawman.  You know that's the case with AMD as well, right?

As for cost comparison, um, this is too obvious to debate (google for prices
please &amp; come back informed *please*). But if you think the earth is
flat, well, that is up to you.<br>

On the flip side, they pay family wages and they're Oregonian.  No,
the Earth's round, just Portland is the center of the known universe.

Again, google for Intel errors/erratum &amp; Pentium fpu bugs &amp; spare
me &amp; the list the BS that Intel is superior. But if you think the earth
is flat, well, that is up to you. The 1 gig PIII recall, is my fave.<br>

Also, if it is hot in Oregon, then ANY hardware will run hot????<br>

Yes, but at least the default heatsink works in hot conditions on
Intel hardware, which can't be said during July and August for AMD
(AMD CPUs seem to start flaking out or locking up in the heat), and
certainly not for Cyrix (though I admit my Cyrix info isn't recent,
but my Cyrix 386 can melt a pintglass of ice in about 10 minutes (I
couldn't find a heat sink for that CPU and it only needed cooling
during the summer, in which I improvised with a pintglass and some

As for the stuff about kernels, um, why are you trying to deceive? Desperate?
You can apt-get K7 optimized kernels &amp; other distors have K7 optimized
kernels also &amp; even Opteron Optimized kernels now.<br>

I wasn't trying to deceive, just saying if you're lazy and don't
change out the kernel in pretty much any distro, the Intel procs will
run slightly faster on an i386 targetted kernel.

As for conscientious, um, why do *some* Americans think they are the only
country on the planet???? Besides, with recent "American" (with all due respect
to the few brave souls who are speaking out against American neo-imperialism,
right wing politics &amp; economics. Paul, you might like to watch the movie
"Roger &amp; Me?"), arrogance in completely ignoring the majority of the
planets countries &amp; peoples &amp; invading &amp; occupying Iraq in violation
of the UN, I am more inclined to support AMD's European based manufacturing.
Go FAB 30 in Germany!<br>

I'm Oregonian, not American.  The day Oregon successfully seceeds from
the US will definately be a very good day.  We're growing increasingly
tired of being used.[1]

[1] The difference between us and Quebec in this case is we just want
out entirely to stop bleeding money and electric out of the state
uncontrollably at the whim of Californians whining to congress.  We're
also starting to get way overpopulated and don't like being associated
with the actions of DC, which largely ignore everyone both inside and
outside American territory.  Not that we find America to be bad, we
just don't like being associated with thier actions and paying in but
not getting back and being insulted by the president every time he
speaks of us.


Re ATI, I have a Radeon 9000 card, & I wish they would release drivers for then when the card comes out & not a month or three later, as the owner of the Radeon 9600 pointed up before. Thanx heaps to the XFree86 guys, I was able to get up in Tux, with the DRI stuff, in November last year. Until then, you know which OS I was stuck in.... The ATI drivers take a bit of installing also, but they are good. ATI needs to clean up the driver install some more, as does Nvidia.

Re nforce2 boards & locked multipliers, your info is wrong here. See the following link please, as may others considering running Tux on nforce2 hardware.


The unlock occurs in the BIOS, not at the OS & driver level.

A couple of days back, I did some research, since a good geek friend of mine, was upgrading to nforce2 & I was concerned about Tuxian support. At the OS & drive level, Nvidia have released binary/closed source drivers for the onboard sound & lan gear, which seems easy enough to install, judging by the instructions.... But I dunno, cause I do not have such a beastie. Anyone who runs such a kit & has been following this thread, may like to comment on this-please?

I run an "ancient" Iwill kk266plus, 512 megs of ram, with a AMD 1800+ (Pallemo (sp?) core, Iwill will not release update to support the Thoroughbred core, as have other board manufactures using the KT133a chipset. My next board will be an Abit or ASUS, paying extra upfront for *quality & support*, pays in the longer run.), so this is why I was looking out @ nforce2 vs Opteron.

As I have just noted, there are incompatibilities between chipsets & AMD cpu's, but these are more frequent with Intel, based on various googling's I've done.

Re the earth being round, well yes.... But Oregon isn't the centre, Mt Eden, Auckland New Zealand is ;-)

*insert Beavis & Butthead laughter hereabouts* :-)

Re the distinction between Oregon & certain Washington politicians, message received.


Greek Geek  :-)

We won't be pushed out of the ring by a Sumo wrestler - AMD's Jerry Sanders III

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