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Re: CPU recommendations *avoid Intel-Shite*

On Sat, 2003-05-03 at 12:44, Paul Johnson wrote:
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> On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 05:46:36AM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > *ALL* of NVIDIA's cards from the Riva TNT2 up to the Quadro FX
> > are supported under Linux just as well as under Windows, because
> > of the uniform driver.  What other (non-mobo) h/w company can say
> > that it supports Linux just as well as Windows?
> Too bad they went with Windows for the idea of stability and ease of
> use.
> > Yes, it's a binary driver, and I'm not happy about that, but I
> > can live with it...
> I could live with it if it wasn't fscking unreliable with no
> improvement between revisions.

Howso unreliable?

I'm running it against a GeForce4 Ti4200 with no problems at all, and
have been for nine months. Performance in Unreal Tournament 2003 and
Quake III Arena is very satisfactory.

I've heard many complaints about the Nvidia driver regarding its
performance and binary-closed-ness, but never about stability.


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