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Re: CPU recommendations *avoid Intel-Shite*

On Sat, 2003-05-03 at 02:47, Paul Johnson wrote:
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> On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 06:44:38PM +1200, Haralambos Geortgilakis wrote:
> > You have never read any nForce2 reviews?<br>
> No, because I got pissed off with nVidia's flippant, uncooperative
> attitude to the community.  Yeah, some of thier video cards are really
> nice and desirable, but they're totally crippled by shitty drivers.
> I'm starting to discourage people from buying nVidia cards as well,
> especially considering ATI's cards lately have been pretty awesome and
> ATI doesn't dick the community.

Oh, please...

The Radeon 9600 Pro doesn't have accelerated 3D performance under 
Linux.  Doesn't 

*ALL* of NVIDIA's cards from the Riva TNT2 up to the Quadro FX
are supported under Linux just as well as under Windows, because
of the uniform driver.  What other (non-mobo) h/w company can say
that it supports Linux just as well as Windows?

Yes, it's a binary driver, and I'm not happy about that, but I
can live with it...

(Now, I can't say the same for the nForce chipsets.  I can live
with a binary video driver, since there's also an OSS driver,
but I can't live with a binary chipset/network driver.  It's
too fundamental to the operation of the system...)

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