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Re: next debian stable ?

Paul Johnson wrote:
> Nathan E Norman wrote:
> > However, it would help if people in general would get it through their
> > head that linux != redhat.  LSB should help in this regard.
> Don't count on it.  LSB dictates packages be done in RPM instead of
> something a bit more neutral like tarballs.

Actually it still helps immensely.  Because then the conversion
program 'alien' knows what it needs to support and can do a good job
of it.  Alien works very well on LSB compliant rpms.  RPMs that give
trouble are the ones which are both not compliant and poorly written.
There are a lot of those.  So pushing LSB is still a Good Thing for

LSB levels the playing field between the different distros.  Otherwise
people really would need to target a specific distro for their
software.  In that setting you can guess that the one that starts with
the largest mindshare would win regardless of technical merits.  It
would completely lock out any newer startups.  Support the LSB.


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