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Re: next debian stable ?

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> Companies that think support equals 'someone to sue" just don't get
> it, and never will.  Companies who think support equals a toll-free
> number don't get it, or don't employ admins who get it.

They're in for a shocker when they actually read the GPL or MS-EULA,
both provide nobody to sue.  Lack of liability on the part of the
licenser is something that just about every license agrees apon.

> Regarding support for Oracle and the like:  see my other email for
> some ideas on how debian can solve that problem (it is a problem).
> However, it would help if people in general would get it through their
> head that linux != redhat.  LSB should help in this regard.

Don't count on it.  LSB dictates packages be done in RPM instead of
something a bit more neutral like tarballs.  Never mind that if you
don't use Red Hat or one of it's spinoffs, RPMs have all the
inconvienence of rpm(8) and all of the inconvienence of archives in
general, with the advantages of neither.  The fracturing of Red Hat
with each of the spinoffs producing thier own distro-specific RPMs
makes RPM even less appealing when you're looking for the most
universal method to distribute packages.

> No, we are (at least I am) just saying "If it doesn't work from you
> and you are unable to provide a solution, feel free to find (and use)
> something that _does_ work for you.  No hard feelings."  Really,
> whether the job is done is the ultimate criterion; if debian does
> everything I want but nothing you want, than debian is not for you.
> This does not invalidate my debian experience however.

How does this differentiate Debian from anything else?  I generally
find it easier to use a Torx screwdriver on Torx screws.  Doesn't mean
a flathead of the right size won't work, it's just not necissarily as
easy as it would be using a Torx driver.  Likewise, I'm not sure why
anybody in Portland drives, it's *way* faster to use a bike and put it
in the rack on the front of the bus in the rare case motor traffic's
moving faster than the bicycles, or aboard the transit trains to make
it through the hills, totally bypassing all but other rail traffic in
the process.

Why use something that you find obnoxious?

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