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Re: web authoring tool

On Sunday 20 April 2003 11:21 pm, Stephan Sauerburger wrote:
> Hi, I'm looking for a linux equivalent of Microsoft FrontPage, ie.
> anything which edits html documents with a Word-like or
> click-and-drag interface.
> So far in linux I've only been able to find some editors which are
> html-friendly, but you still have to muddle with the low-level html
> tags themselves. I don't mind doing so in general if I'm writing a
> web page =66rom scratch, but I often find myself charged with the
> task of modifying already-written web documents, which are typically
> extremely long and overly-complicated, being the result of someone
> else using a gui tool to write them. Locating the part that
> corresponds to what I want to change, and looking up and down for all
> the tags that may or may not affect it, becomes exponentially
> arduous.
> Perhaps there's just a general latex editor that can also save as
> html? I tried texmacs and it does fit the bill; however it has many
> problems parsing some of the less common tags found in documents made
> by other programs. In Windows, I found a work-around by using Outlook
> to compose a message, with HTML on, and just save the message. Worked
> fine. Don't know what StarOffice can do since the company is bent on
> not allowing anybody to actually be able to use the product.
> What do y'all use?

One of the gaping holes in open source is a good WYSIWYG HTML editor.  
(My experience is that more and more programmes write their HTML by 
hand and consider WYSIWYG HTML for "users.")  I've found two programs 
that work for web editing.  Open Office works, but is not the best -- 
it has some problems, like not allowing tables within tables.  IBM has 
a demo verison of their Websphere HomePage Builder that is free, but 
pops up a requester every 15 minutes or so.  There are versions for 
Linux and that other well known OS.  (You can disable the requestor for 

If you find any other WYSIWYG HTML editor, I'd like to know about it.


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