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Re: web authoring tool

Quoting Stephan Sauerburger <stephan@sauerburger.org>:
> Hi, I'm looking for a linux equivalent of Microsoft FrontPage, ie. anything
> which edits html documents with a Word-like or click-and-drag interface.
> So far in linux I've only been able to find some editors which are
> html-friendly, but you still have to muddle with the low-level html tags
> themselves. I don't mind doing so in general if I'm writing a web page
> =66rom scratch, but I often find myself charged with the task of modifying
> already-written web documents, which are typically extremely long and
> overly-complicated, being the result of someone else using a gui tool to
> write them. Locating the part that corresponds to what I want to change, and
> looking up and down for all the tags that may or may not affect it, becomes
> exponentially arduous.
> Perhaps there's just a general latex editor that can also save as html? I
> tried texmacs and it does fit the bill; however it has many problems parsing
> some of the less common tags found in documents made by other programs. In
> Windows, I found a work-around by using Outlook to compose a message, with
> HTML on, and just save the message. Worked fine. Don't know what StarOffice
> can do since the company is bent on not allowing anybody to actually be able
> to use the product.
> What do y'all use?

IBM's Homepage Builder.  This is a Windows app that runs in Wine.  It
is a commercial product, cost either $50 or $70, IIRC.  It is
semi-WYSIWYG.  Closer than Netscape's Composer, but still not quite
what you will see with a browser.  It is the first HTML editor that I
found was definitely better than Emacs w/ its color highlighting.
Most HTML editors are equivalent to that, plus a different set of


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