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Re: Networking - dhcp-client

Alan writes:

> I think my problem is dhcp-client specific on debian potato. The
> reason I say this is because I can use the same two boxes when
> booted into win95 and win98 on the net at the same time (downloading
> .debs of course :-)).

Perhaps your host name or using the RFC1541 option? (dhcpcd)


 -h  hostname
      specifies a string used for the hostname option field when dhcpcd
      sends DHCP messages. Some DHCP servers require the hostname
      option field containing a specific string in the DHCP messages
      from clients.


      Makes dhcpcd RFC1541 (obsolete) compliant. dhcpcd is RFC2131
      compliant unless this option is specified.

There is also the:

      Forces dhcpcd to run in the foreground.

option so perhaps you could watch it try to obtain the IP address.

   Are there any odd switches like that for dhcp-client?

   But, if you have tcpdump, I advise watching what happens for a
while and see if you can figure it out from there.


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