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Re: Networking - dhcp-client

On Monday 14 Apr 2003 7:48 pm, Elizabeth Barham wrote:

>    Since you're using broadband, the problem may be in the upstream
> DHCP server. I encountered a problem when switching routers on our
> cable connection. Eventually I determined that the problem was due to
> some kind of security feature upstream that would not dole out an IP
> address to more than one machine on a node (behind a cable modem)
> within a certain time period, my guess being 24 hours:

I think my problem is dhcp-client specific on debian potato. The reason I say 
this is because I can use the same two boxes when booted into win95 and win98 
on the net at the same time (downloading .debs of course :-)). 

>Anyway, I consider the dhcpcd program the best of its kind.

I can remove the debconf / etherconf / dhcp-client stuff and reload dhcpcd if 
you think that is the better option. Trouble is, I've been there and it 
didn't work and I am still on a steep learning curve with what to try next?

Interestingly, I use the dhcpcd on my Mandrake box and it works fine. But then 
again I didn't have to roll my sleeves up to get it to work - a few clicks in 
the Mandrake Control Centre got it up and running. I was rather hoping that 
etherconf would do a similar thing on my debain box :-(

		Alan Lakin
	Wallington, Surrey, England

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