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Re: Networking - dhcp-client

Alan writes:

> Does anyone have any experience with this package / script. I
> previously tried using the dchpcd but had to remove this to try out
> etherconf. I am beginning to think that there is something
> fundamently wrong with my setup, but what I don't know?

   Since you're using broadband, the problem may be in the upstream
DHCP server. I encountered a problem when switching routers on our
cable connection. Eventually I determined that the problem was due to
some kind of security feature upstream that would not dole out an IP
address to more than one machine on a node (behind a cable modem)
within a certain time period, my guess being 24 hours:


   I finally figured it out after reading about other people having
the same trouble and then mysteriously it started working. But, while
trying to figure it out, I spent a lot of time watching the packets
via tcpdump in an effort to determine what was going wrong.

   Anyway, I consider the dhcpcd program the best of its kind.


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