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Re: gcc from unstable crashes on Hello World

Jonas Utterstrom wrote:

> I did something potentially stupid this weekend and upgraded to 
> "unstable". I wanted to use KDE3 and gcc-3.2. Everything went well and 
>   seemed to work.
> But when I tried gcc it crashed even on a Hello World application:
> "collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]"

I upgrade my Sid machines every day if at all possible. Very rarely do I
encounter any significant problem. So I wouldn't say it's a stupid or
potentially stupid thing to do. (What might be considered stupid would
be running unstable if you don't have the skills to diagnose problems
and find workarounds such as downgrading buggy packages. That's not an
attack on you, just a general observation.)

Anyway, this particular problem that you've discovered is not a gcc
issue at all; the error tells you quite clearly that ld, not gcc, is
crashing. ld is part of the binutils package, which was just recently
upgraded. I understand that a brand-new binutils package that fixes this
problem was uploaded last night, so with any luck it should be in
today's sid upgrade if you're willing to risk upgrading again.


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