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Re: KNOPPIX as an installer for Debian

On Sunday 30 March 2003 10:38 pm, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I gotta wonder why everybody's harping so badly on Memorex.
>  I've got to really abuse the media to burn a Memorex brand
> coaster.  So far, the only Memorex CDR I couldn't burn was
> one I made a fractal out of in the microwave with.  Do y'all
> microwave your CDs before using them or something?

Maybe it is a problem that has nothing to do with the quality of 
the CD's.

Here's my own experience ...

I was having all kinds of trouble with bad disks.  The procedure 
seemed to work fine, but the disks had errors.  There were a 
few (about 3 on average) corrupted files on most disks.

I had a cheap drive, and thought that was the problem, so I 
bought a new one.  I was told that Plextor was the best, so 
that's what I got.  It still had errors, about the same as 

I use mkisofs and cdrecord.  After getting a bad one, I tried 
again from the same image file.  Same errors.  Check the file.  
It's bad too.  (CD-RW, of course, for the experiments)

It turns out the problem was the VIA DMA bug.  It worked with 
DMA disabled, but a large partition with ext3 was now too slow 
to burn a CD at 4x.  (Reiser on the same size partition was ok 
at 12x, with DMA off.)  

Fortunately, my motherboard also has a Promise controller on it.  
Use that instead, problem solved.  No more coasters.

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