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Ethernet problems: old 3c509b card is having overrun and errors

I've been using 3c509b cards before, but it seems that this one, at a uptime of 8 days, as a samba server, it have encountered 182 errors and 185 overruns upon receiving 838.6 "MiB" (excuse my ignorance, but I can't recall what MiB means. It has to be something bytes, but what?) Anyways, I was reading the Ethernet HOWTO, and it suggested me to change the window size using the route command. According to that HOWTO, linux's default TCP Rx window is set to 32KB, and I've reset it to half the size. I'm waiting to see if anything improves. Has anyone ran into the same problem, and if so did anything you do that effectively solves it? I'd be glad to hear. Also, is there a way to use two network cards in this (pretty much crippled) server so that it would have better "speed", for a lack of a better term. Again, I'm using it as a Samba server, and neither the HD nor the network card seems to be fully utilized - the activity lights are busts - so I don't quite believe that it being a 486 with 32MB of RAM is truly the problem. I'm aware of ways that software could make other computers think that two NIC as one, is there anything like that that I could use in this case?
Thanks in advance.


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