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Re: Ethernet problems: old 3c509b card is having overrun and errors

said Calyth (on 2003-03-11),

> 185 overruns upon receiving 838.6 "MiB" (excuse my ignorance, but I
> can't recall what MiB means. It has to be something bytes, but what?)

>From http://www.anandtech.com/guides/viewfaq.html?i=136

	Giga- A Prefix meaning 1 Billion, or 10^9 of something.
	Kilo- A Prefix meaning 1 Thousand, or 10^3 of something.
	Gibi- A Prefix meaning 2^30 of something, derived from Gigabinary.
	Kibi- A Prefix meaning 2^10 of something, derived from Kilobinary
	Equivalents for Mega-, Tera-, Peta-, etc. all exist in similar fashion.

	While this seems a little fussy, it becomes important when talking
	about large quantities. The difference between a Kilobyte and a
	Kibibyte is 24 bytes (2^10  10^3,) an amount very few people are
	going to notice or care about. When we start looking at Gigabytes
	and Gibibytes however, the difference is 73,741,834 Bytes (2^30
	10^9,) a significant quantity.


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