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Re: HSF Linmodem compile problems

* Joerg Johannes <liste_joerg@gmx.de> [030311 09:42] wrote:
> I have a Sony Vaio with internal HSF Linmodem. According to 
> http://www.gaugusch.at/vaio/#modem I have downloaded the latest HSF 
> driver from the website mentioned there, and followed the instructions 
> to compile the driver form source.
> The "make install" step proceeded without errors, but when running 
> hsfconfig I get the folowing error message:
> [...]
> ../modules/kernelcompiler.sh: unable to find compiler matching 
> /proc/version:
> ../modules/kernelcompiler.sh: gcc version 3.2.2
> ../modules/kernelcompiler.sh: set CC variable manually in modules/common.mak
> [...]
> Any idea how to proceed from here?

Edit the file modules/common.mak as suggested and look for the lines

#CC= gcc
CC := $(shell $(TOP)/modules/kernelcompiler.sh $(KERNELVER) $(KERNELSRC))

Simply uncomment the #CC= gcc line and comment the other one out, now
everything should work fine.


if (instr(buf,sys_errlist[errno])) /* you don't see this */ --
Larry Wall in eval.c from the perl source code

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