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Re: SIS900 DCHP Problem (was: Newbie bull ...)

On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 17:06:06 +0100
Michael Bona <mbona@bigfoot.com> wrote:

> Klaus Imgrund wrote:
> > On Mon, 03 Mar 2003 18:19:09 +0100
> > Michael Bona <mbona@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> > 
> >> Klaus,
> >> 
> >> so did you find a pattern under what circumstances it works and
> >when> it does not? I would be very interested especially concerning
> >Debian> ...
> >> 
> >> Michael
> > 
> > When you just hit 'enter' and load all available options - thats
> > what I do since I can't see the fist 13 on my screen - a couple of
> > times the sis900 module is available but modprobe can't load it for
> > some reason;it does load with 'insmod sis900'.
> > After that detection with dhcp fails.I tried to look at the config
> > files with nano - but that complains about something UTF8 as far as
> > I remember.
> > The detection works fine.
> Sorry, I am confused: Detection with DHCP fails - I can confirm that
> ;-( Then what do you do to make the detection "work fine?

Sorry - my error.I should have phrased this differently.
The detection I am refering to is that the installer detects the NIC as
being a sis900.Dhcp - no dice.I did give up on it because it looks like
the kernel on those images doesn't support anything else then ext2/3
file systems and thats what I want to avoid in the first place.
I did report some of this malaise to the debian-boot mailing list.Only
response I got was about not having enough memory.
Just use the 'boot.iso' if you don't have a problem with ext2/3.That
works fine for my sis900 and once that works you can update anything you
feel like - except the file system the OS is on.


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