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Re: Debian, Putty and home and end keys

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 03:22:30AM +0100, Agust?n Fern?ndez wrote:
> If you want to connect to a debian box from Putty you may notice that 
> the home and end keys don't work, and just write "~" to the terminal. In 
> order to get them working you must set the terminal-type string (under 
> connection, in the configuration) to be "linux" instead of the default 
> "xterm".

I just tried this and found it effective, but there's a trick.  The
version of PUTTY I'm using (Development snapshot 2002-06-04 on
(echhh...) Windows 2K) suddenly began responding correctly to the Home
and End keys when I entered the string as above, but also, somewhat
counter-intuitively, under Terminal/Keyboard selected Standard for "The
Home and End keys" and ESC[n~ for "The Function keys and keypad".  That
is, selecting Linux for the latter broke End key behaviour.  FYI and
thanks for the tip.

Michael Epting (epting@ix.netcom.com)

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