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Re: GNOME == bloatware?

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 10:01:14PM -0500, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> I've been using gnome since before 1.0.55, but now (with gnome 2) I
> use gnome itself less and less.  I find it slow to start up and moving
> in directions I don't particularly like (eg the windows registry
> clone^W^W^W^Wgconf).  

I made the leap away from GNOME to pure sawfish a few months ago, and
I've been quite happy with it.  I put the last gtk1.2 version of sawfish
on hold (since the rest of the apps I use are gtk1.2 based (if using
much of a toolkit at all)) and have been quite enjoying it. 

> Currently I only use the panel to have handy application launchers and
> the workspace switcher applet.  If anyone has suggestions for
> replacing either one with a lighter alternative I'm all for it 

I downloaded spager (aka sawfish-pager) and built it from source against
gtk1.2 (since the version in sid conflicts with my version of sawfish);
it works great, aside from a little startup weirdness.  For app
launching, I'm just using key bindings now.  shift+f1 launches an Eterm,
shift+f2 a dtemacs window and shift+f3 a new galeon window.  For other
apps, I just sawfish's root menu, or start them from the Eterm I already
have in front of me ;)

In the blinkenlight department. gkrellm has more fake flashing LEDs and
simulated buttons than any one person could ever use ;)

> (and a "session manager" that will keep the X session alive yet still
> allow me to restart the window manager at will).

I thought a session manager maintained your session across logins?  I
can certainly restart sawfish here and not have my X session collapse,
though the windows do seem to move around a fair bit.


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