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Re: GNOME == bloatware?

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 09:08, Rob Weir wrote:


> In the blinkenlight department. gkrellm has more fake flashing LEDs and
> simulated buttons than any one person could ever use ;)


> -rob

I used to have a workspace reserved for system operation monitors and
another for networking monitors. Now I run GKrellm with a group of
plugins, and I have the equivalent of most of those monitors, as well as
moon phases, sunrise and set, financial market tickers, weather, volume
controls and launchers for the video feeds of numerous news and
financial services channels. I keep xconsole running on that screen, and
top is running in a tab on Gnome-Terminal, but the bulk of that
workspace is now my RealPlayer and MPlayer desktop. GKrellm is the core
system monitor tool I turn to. I heartily recommend it to anyone that
runs X and likes to make use of their system.
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