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Re: restricting wireless access

* martin f krafft (madduck@debian.org) wrote:
> also sprach iain d broadfoot <ibroadfo@cis.strath.ac.uk> [2003.01.11.0015 +0100]:
> > as i understand wireless, there is no solution to blocking clients
> > connecting - macs can be faked, ssids are plaintext, wep is crackable
> > fairly quickly...
> my philosophy: if there's a cracker outside my door capable of
> cracking WEP (i know it isn't difficult, but it isn't trivial either),
> then he should just come up and drink a tea with me. I just want to
> prevent the passerby access.

hmm, is that an invite? :D

> > it depends on your current setup, but you could just firewall everything
> > and use proxies for machines on your side possibly?
> there are not SSH, HTTPS or IPsec proxies. That's most of what I use.

SQUID(8)                                                              SQUID(8)

       squid - Internet ObjectCache

       /usr/sbin/squid   [-hsvzCDFNRSVXY]  [-d level]  [-f file]  [-[au] port]
       [-k signal]

       Squid is a FTP, HTTP and HTTPS proxy cache. For general information  on
       squid,   please   read  the  very  well  commented  configuration  file
       /etc/squid.conf.  More information can also be found in  the  files  in
       the  directory  /usr/share/doc/squid  , including a FAQ. Also check out
       the squid homepage at http://squid.nlanr.net/.

i know ssh can't be sensibly proxied though, and i have no idea what
ipsec is. :D


wh33, y1p33 3tc.

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