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restricting wireless access

i have a cheap-ass wireless access point which doesn't even do
MAC-based authentication, and neither can I get WEP64 to work between
it (Addtron AWS-110) and the Orinoco Silver card.

I would like to have wireless in my appartment, but I need to prevent
folks on the street from linking into the network. The question is
how. I want to prevent them from using my internet connection just as
much as accessing local computers behind the firewall.

Is there a tools that will send TCP resets to anything coming from an
unknown MAC address? this isn't 100% secure, but it's better than
nothing. Or is there a tool that uses a client program to establish
the identity of the host (like they have in some internet cafes to
prevent you from using the cables for laptops, even if you change the
MAC), and if someone connects without the client program, then s/he is
TCP reset for every packet sent?

or is there a better solution? maybe someone can help me get WEP to

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