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Re: Computer fails to recognise self - details at 11

On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 23:46, John Hasler wrote:
> Derrick writes:
> > Yes, ppp will rewrite your resolv.conf...
> Actually, it moves it out of the way and puts it back when the connection
> goes down.
> > I don't know if you can tell ppp not to edit [resolv.conf']...
> Run pppconfig and select 'static' in the 'Configure Nameservers' screen.
> Your resolv.conf will then be left alone.
> Pppconfig creates a file in /etc/ppp/resolv for each provider for which
> 'static' has not been selected, putting whatever nameservers you give it
> there unless 'dynamic' is selected.  When a connection comes up resolv.conf
> is moved out of the way and the appropriate file from /etc/ppp/resolv is
> put in its place.  If the provider uses 'dynamic dns' and that choice has
> been selected in pppconfig the IPs sent by the provider are appended to it.
> Otherwise the file is used as-is.  You can edit the files by hand if you
> wish.
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> John Hasler
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> Elmwood, Wisconsin

Okay - I'd never noticed it doing that before at all, but that is partly
because things like localhost weren't being clobbered in the process and
I hadn't had local dns properly configure until the last few starts. It
is when the behaviour of function actually changes the results on me
that I perk up and think: I've misunderstood something here! (Or
somebody has *revised* interactions and I'd missed it in the
changelogs.) Anyhow, the only line I can see that would appear to affect
this is in /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider - the "usepeerdns" line I've
mentioned before. Sound about right?
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