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Re: Computer fails to recognise self - details at 11

Mark L. Kahnt said:
> I run Bind 8.3.3 and exim 3.36, along with fetchmail 5.9.11 - I don't
> think I'm considerably different from most others here at something like
> that. Until yesterday morning when Zapping in overlay mode on display :0
> gummed up Railroad Tycoon 2 on display :1, and then succeeded between them
> in trashing the framebuffer, everything was working wonderfully.

first guess, check /etc/host.conf ?

mine says:

order hosts,bind
multi on

second guess: check /etc/nsswitch.conf ?

for hosts mine says:
hosts:          files dns

third, if you have nscd installed, restart it after making any changes
or just stop it totally for testing.


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