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Re: Computer fails to recognise self - details at 11

Derrick writes:
> Yes, ppp will rewrite your resolv.conf...

Actually, it moves it out of the way and puts it back when the connection
goes down.

> I don't know if you can tell ppp not to edit [resolv.conf']...

Run pppconfig and select 'static' in the 'Configure Nameservers' screen.
Your resolv.conf will then be left alone.

Pppconfig creates a file in /etc/ppp/resolv for each provider for which
'static' has not been selected, putting whatever nameservers you give it
there unless 'dynamic' is selected.  When a connection comes up resolv.conf
is moved out of the way and the appropriate file from /etc/ppp/resolv is
put in its place.  If the provider uses 'dynamic dns' and that choice has
been selected in pppconfig the IPs sent by the provider are appended to it.
Otherwise the file is used as-is.  You can edit the files by hand if you
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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