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Re: simple exim configuration

Oops!  I didn't send two of these to the list:

David H. Clymer wrote:

${local_part} is taken from the recipiant's email address. if someone
sent you an email (to: paul@foo.com) the exim splits up the address on
the @ and sets two variables:

local_part: paul
domain: foo.com

What process does that substitution?

I'm not exactly sure, to be honest...

I tried a little experiment below

woody:/usr/src/linux# exim -d8 -bt david
Exim version 3.35 debug level 8 uid=0 gid=0
Berkeley DB: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 2.7.7: (08/20/99)
Caller is an admin user
Caller is a trusted user
user name "root" extracted from gecos field "root"
address david@woody
 local_part=david domain=woody
 domain is local
system_aliases director: lsearch key=david
system_aliases director declined for david: userforward director: file = .forward
set uid=0 gid=0 euid=1000 egid=1000
successful stat of /home/david/.
/home/david/.forward not found
restored uid=0 gid=0 euid=8 egid=8
queued for local_delivery transport: local_part=david domain=woody
 domain_data=NULL local_part_data=NULL
localuser director succeeded for david
 deliver to david in domain woody
 director = localuser, transport = local_delivery

I guess the debugging above indicates that it is set prior to any of the
delivery facilities configured in exim.conf...I dont know...is this
useful? maybe I'm not sure what info you are trying to find.

Yes, it's useful in that it leads to questions.  My results are almost
identical except that domain for you is your hostname where for me it is
the username part of my e-mail address.  The local_part for both of us
seems to be the argument for -bt.

The other difference is that I don't yet have a .forward file.

With my hostname in exim.conf I get results consistent with yours.


That part was clear. I was just expecting local_part to be something that I set somewhere else in exim.conf.

I think those are set at delivery time. if you were able to set them in
the config file, it would seem to me that all your mail would get dumped
in one box.

It's fairly clear that that is correct.  local_part was the part after
the -bt in the test.

I will see if that change makes any mail appear anywhere.



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