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Re: simple exim configuration

On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 14:13, Paul Scott wrote:
> Ok.  My /etc/exim/exim.conf has:
> local_delivery:
>   driver = appendfile
>   group = mail
>   mode = 0660
>   mode_fail_narrower = false
>   envelope_to_add = true
>   return_path_add = true
>   file = /var/spool/mail/${local_part}
> but mutt tells me that /var/spool/mail/paul is not a mailbox.

what does: ls /var/mail/paul tell you? is it a file, or a directory?

BTW /var/spool/mail is just a symlink to /var/mail, hence my use of it

> BTW the way where is local_part defined?

${local_part} is taken from the recipiant's email address. if someone
sent you an email (to: paul@foo.com) the exim splits up the address on
the @ and sets two variables:

local_part: paul
domain: foo.com

so if you were doing multiple domains on one box, you could do:

file = /var/spool/mail/${domain}/${local_part}

or some such.


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