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Lean and clean IMAP client

I have been using the mozilla imap client for my mail for a while now, and am finding it very resource hungry.

I have tried to get gnus working with teh exchange server at work, but it will only see the inbox, and not its subfolders, and I find the lack of multithreading (so stops while waiting for mail) a bit of a problem.

I am thinking of installing evolution on the advice of another user, and saw that it wants to install 30 megs of libraries etc. so that has made me pause, although the possibility of being able to access the ldap server would be nice....

I have read and searched the web and tried out various clients, but there are surprisingly few that imap happily.:)

I am looking for advice on: a lean imap client (I have switched to pheonix browser-wise and don't want the overhead of mozilla just for mail), and/or an ldap client that talks to exchange server. If both come in the same package so much the better. I use emacs a lot, so if they can integrate with emacs to allow me to compose in emacs I would be in heaven.:)

thanks in advance for any advice.


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