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Re: Lean and clean IMAP client

Rohan Nicholls wrote:
> I have read and searched the web and tried out various clients, but 
> there are surprisingly few that imap happily.:)
> I am looking for advice on: a lean imap client (I have switched to 
> pheonix browser-wise and don't want the overhead of mozilla just for 
> mail), and/or an ldap client that talks to exchange server.  If both 
> come in the same package so much the better.  I use emacs a lot, so if 
> they can integrate with emacs to allow me to compose in emacs I would be 
> in heaven.:)

An alternative you may not have considered is just picking whatever
mailer works best for you (mutt is quite lean and mean for example), and
then use an external program to do the imap. Both isync and offlineimap
do an excellent job of synchronising local mail folders with folders on
a remote imap server. Then you can use whatever mail reader you like on
those folders. If you're not using mutt, offlinimap is probably a better
choice than isync.

Other benefits of this approach include being able to read your mail
while offline, and being able to swap in a different mail reader at will
without worrying about how good its imap support is.

see shy jo

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