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Re: 2^n (was: weird g++ behavior)

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 02:59:38AM +0100, Bryan Jurish wrote:
> i can definitely live with this, but can anyone explain
> to me why this must be so?  (mainboard/bios bug is my
> personal guess, but i'm truly stumped...)  did some
> goofball go and assume that everyone on the planet has
> 2^n bytes of ram?or is it just a swing-a-dead-chicken-
> over-your-head-at-midnight-on-a-new-moon-whilst-
> invoking-eldritch-and-mystic-powers sort of thing?

It could be a board/BIOS problem, or it could be that one of those two
modules has a minor problem that only shows up in one particular
configuration. It's actually not entirely surprising that this ended up
being a memory issue, gcc is good at finding memory problems. Usually
they cause random aborts or core dumps, though, not syntax

If you have time it might be to your advantage to go ahead and run a
real memory test. If one of those modules does have a problem you'd be
better off finding out now instead of later when it causes some other
strange problem. If you can't run a real memory test some people suggest
recompiling the kernel 10-20 times without interruption, the kernel code
is complex enough that it sometimes causes errors where other code

Michael Heironimus

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