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Re: 2^n (was: weird g++ behavior)

On 22 November 2002 at 21:14:00, Michael Heironimus wrote:
 > > or is it just a swing-a-dead-chicken-
 > > over-your-head-at-midnight-on-a-new-moon-whilst-
 > > invoking-eldritch-and-mystic-powers sort of thing?
 > It could be a board/BIOS problem, or it could be that one of those two
 > modules has a minor problem that only shows up in one particular
 > configuration. It's actually not entirely surprising that this ended up
 > being a memory issue, gcc is good at finding memory problems. Usually
 > they cause random aborts or core dumps, though, not syntax
 > complaints....

i've had memory problems before (different system), and they
showed up already with mke2fs... made the linux install rather
difficult ;-)

 > If you have time it might be to your advantage to go ahead and run a
 > real memory test. If one of those modules does have a problem you'd be
 > better off finding out now instead of later when it causes some other
 > strange problem. If you can't run a real memory test some people suggest
 > recompiling the kernel 10-20 times without interruption, the kernel code
 > is complex enough that it sometimes causes errors where other code
 > doesn't.

i agree that a real test would be a good thing -- actually, the
machine ran memtest86 for 2.5 days (ca. 7 tests) without
reporting any errors: is there any other "real" memory tester
you'd reccommend?  i've compiled about 5 kernels by now on
that installation without any problems -- it's the g++/STL
strangeness that seems to bite me most reliably...


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