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apache and php

Php is not working in Apache. I am trying to install phpgroupware in
Woody. It did not work in one go so I am doing it in stages. Apache is
up and running (hostname 'athlon' or '').

I installed php3.deb and put a test file ('test.php') in /var/www/. When
I point the browser at http://athlon/test.php it tries to save the file
rather than run it.

I have uncommented the line  (suggested by the installation script)
	LoadModule php3_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/libphp3.so
in /etc/apache/httpd.conf, stopped and started apache. No improvement.

I did get an alert during installation:
[alert] apache: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName.

Can anyone help?


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