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Re: procmail slow email delivery

Among other very useful things, you wrote:
> This is the key part. Your mail is being delivered to ric@otte, and
> I'm guessing this is fetchmail. But "otte" is not a local domain, so
> it is being sent to your smart host. My question would be: where
> exactly did you ask fetcmail to drop your mail (what is on the line
> ending with "is xxx here")? 
> Yes. It really should, unless fetchmail is qualifying the name to
> start with.
You were right.  My .fetchmailrc file read:
      poll cats.ucsc.edu proto POP3
      user otte with password x is ric here
      keep smtphost otte

I believe it was that last line which was sending the mail to
'ric@otte'.  After I changed that line to simply 'keep', I noticed that
exim is now sending the mail to 'ric@localhost', which is fine.  

My hosts file looks like this:	otte	localhost	otte.ucsc.edu	otte
(with a buch of stuff that I don't understand about IPv6 capable hosts,
added automaticaly by netbase upgrade)
If this doesn't look ok to you, let me know.  

Thanks very much; it looks like things are working now.

Best wishes,


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