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# Re: procmail slow email delivery

Hi Ric,

fetchmail runs on host "otte" and delivers mail to "ric@otte" on otte
via esmtp.

exim gets the mail, and tries to deliver to ric@otte. Unfortunately,
your exim setup does not recognize otte as a local domain. It forwards
this to your smarthost, smtp.ucsc.edu.

My guess is that smtp.ucsc.edu takes its own time, but it knows that
ric@otte is really ric@otte.ucsc.edu. It forwards to the mail
exchanger (cats-mx2.ucsc.edu) for ucsc.edu, which promptly uses smtp
to deliver the mail to ric@otte.ucsc.edu at otte.ucsc.edu (you lucky
university people with real IP addresses and hostnames).

It all fits, except one thing: you said when you took .procmailrc out
everything worked. That screws my whole theory, because I don't see
.procmailrc being invoked that first time *unless* you mailed out the
logs in the wrong order or something.....

Anyway, keep at it. I think your are almost there with a real
solution. Let us know the local_domains entry in exim.conf


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