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Re: procmail slow email delivery

    "Ric" == Ric Otte <otte@cats.ucsc.edu> writes:

    Ric> Here is an example of a couple of lines from the exim/mainlog
    Ric> file:

    > 2002-11-07 11:21:51 189sDv-0005au-00 <= Annem@cats.ucsc.edu H=otte 
    > (localhost) [] P=esmtp S=6906
    > id=p05111a0ab9f066d9996b@[] 
    > 2002-11-07 11:21:53 189sDv-0005au-00 => ric@otte R=smarthost 
    > T=remote_smtp H=smtp.ucsc.edu [] 
    > 2002-11-07 11:21:53 189sDv-0005au-00 Completed

As Stephen Gran already pointed out, exim is working just fine. It
gets your mail, and promptly mails it off to ric@otte. Some time later
(I guess your fetchmail poll period is 10 minutes or so?) you get the
mail back, but this time it delivers locally.

Since you say that the delivery works when you take out your
.procmailrc file I'd suspect your exim set up is okay. Look at the
procmail rules very carefully to see that they don't forward.

I know very little about your network and domain names, but I notice
from the above that your fetchmail script seems to be delivering to
"ric@otte" over "here" the first time. Exim sends this off to the
smart host, probably because it does not have otte listed as a "local

The second time fetchmail is delivering to "ric@otte.ucsc.edu" and it
is working. Probably because you do have otte.ucsc.edu listed as a
local domain in exim.conf.

You have some very funny interactio between exim (which knows your
local domain), fetchmail (which decides your local user name to
deliver to) and procmail. Do you have two NIC cards or something?
I notice in your next delivery that exim says:

H=cats-mx2.ucsc.edu (ucsc.edu) []

while the first time it was localhost.

Frankly, I'm confused.....perhaps you can provide us some more
information along these lines? 


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