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Loading kernel modules

One of my boxes uses the eepro100 kernel module for its network
interface.  As I migrate more from Red Hat based boxes, the more I like
Debian.  But one thing that is really getting me is that this kernel
module is not getting loaded when the machine comes up.

At least in a RH based distro, I would typically have an entry like this
in my /etc/modules.conf:

alias eth0 eepro100

And that should do it.  But even if I make that modification in Debian,
it gets blown away the next time it comes up.  Therefore, networking
doesn't come up and being a headless box, that's not too handy.

Of course I can always recompile my kernel and build that kernel module
straight in, but I'm just curious what people normally do in this

Thanks in advance,


PS:  Is there an equivalent to RH's /etc/rc.local in Debian?

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