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Re: Loading kernel modules

Once upon a time Bill Wagner said...
> But one thing that is really getting me is that this kernel
> module is not getting loaded when the machine comes up.
> At least in a RH based distro, I would typically have an entry like this
> in my /etc/modules.conf:
> alias eth0 eepro100
> And that should do it.  But even if I make that modification in Debian,
> it gets blown away the next time it comes up.  

Two things you can do:

1) Add eepro100 to /etc/modules
   This will force the loading of this module on boot. This gives
   slightly different behaviour to your RH setup, where the module will
   be loaded when eth0 is first referenced (module autoloading).

2) Create the file /etc/modutils/eth0 with the same line you would have
   put into /etc/modules.conf . Then run update-modules as root. 
   This will regenerate /etc/modules.conf with the contents of the files
   in /etc/modutils. This will retain the same behaviour that you had
   under RH (module autoloading). (The filename "eth0" above is
   irrelevant. It could be called anything. Perhaps "local-eth0" may be
   better so you know its a locally generated files, rather than part of
   a package.)

> PS:  Is there an equivalent to RH's /etc/rc.local in Debian?

No. You just create your own init script in /etc/init.d and link it to
the appropriate run level(s) directory (probably best to do that with 
update-rc.d, not that I ever do :)

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