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Re: Loading kernel modules

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Wagner <bwagner@gory.org> writes:

Bill> At least in a RH based distro, I would typically have an entry
Bill> like this in my /etc/modules.conf:


Read the first few lines of /etc/modules.conf.  Debian automatically
generates /etc/modules.conf from the files in /etc/modutils.  This
allows different packages to add lines to /etc/modules.conf in a nice
clean way.

You can either create your own file in /etc/modutils, or edit an
existing file (making sure that the file you edit won't get overwritten
by a package upgrade, of course).  I have my eth0 alias in
/etc/modutils/aliases.  Run update-modules, and you should see your line
in /etc/modules.conf.

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