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Re: VIA KT8266A + VIA VT8233A w/ AC97 sound

D. Nathan Cookson said:

> 2 - Does anybody have a good walkthrough for getting sound working, well,
> with the on board sound?  In this case the board is a MSI K7T266-Pro 2A
> board.

This probably isn't what your looking to hearing, but I'll say it
anyways since I am an owner of 2 similar VIA boards(Asus CUV4X) which
have IDE and sound trouble.

Simple solution: disable the onboard sound. Get a PCI soundcard(I reccomend
ES1370 or ES1371 a.k.a Soundblaster PCI 128 - ~$30), and get a PCI IDE
controller(I reccomend the Promise ATA/100 or the ATA/66, I have not
tried the 133).

With the above hardware your headaches should go away and your system
reliablity should go WAY up. One such system of mine sustained daily
hammering(well, weekdays since it was at the office), as well as
nightly tape backups over NFS(it was the one doing the backups to
a local tape drive - 20GB/night). I grinded into it, and it sustained
an uptime of nearly 400 days, only a 3 hour power outage killed it(UPS
only lasts for 30minutes). VIA makes good stuff, but sometimes its
best to work around the buggy part with 3rd party equipment(intel is
just as guilty IMO with their integrated 8xx series chipsets)


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